27th Nov.
16:30~17:30 (UTC+8)
Session 5-1: Rural Health and Personal Health Record 6198420
Through telemedicine and personal health management, the limitation of time and space for health care in remote rural areas can be reduced, and the capability of self-health control enhanced.  However the difference in geographic location may cause problems that need to be solved during planning.
  1. Application of telemedicine in wound care. Ma, Huei-Ming, Vice Superintendent of national Taiwan university hospital yun-lin branch (TW)
  2. Improved Rural Healthcare by Smart Tele-medicine  Michael  Su, Curdoctor Information Service Corp. (TW)
  3. Resilient health care model and PHR in rural health care setting Udaya Koirala M.D and Puja Lama M.D, Kathmandu Model Hospital (NP)
  4. Anthropometric data associated with type 2 diabetes among rural and urban participants in Bangladesh Fumihiko Yokota Ph.D., Kyushu University Hospital (JP)
  5. How to use personal health record in clinics patients. Dr. Weily Jeng, Head of Welcome Clinics (TW)
Session Chair: Dr. M S Seng
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      Day 1: Nov 27th (Friday)
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        Keynote-Telemedicine in Asia:
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        Session 1 How Medical Profession face the Pandemic Part 1
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        Session 2 How Medical Profession face the Pandemic Part II
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        Session 3:“Update on telemedicine in Asia”
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      Day 2: Nov 28th (Saturday)