Welcome to the 14th Asian Telemedicine Symposium (ATS2020) in Conjunction with 2020 Annual Meeting of Telecare Industry Association Taiwan (TIAT) on 27-28 November 2020, at College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, in Taipei, Taiwan. The last few months, the world has become a very different and uncertain place. Telemedicine play a vital role in today's medicine care, especially in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Therefore, the annual Asian Telemedicine Symposium, we would like to bring a symposium that will allow for anyone interesting for Covid-19 Pandemic care method by telemedicine related methods, either in person or online.

The theme of ATS2020 “Telemedicine in Global Health Crisis ” will provide a platform to share their experience of using telemedicine in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, including how Medical Profession face the Pandemic, Update on telemedicine in Asia, Telehealth in Long term care, Telehealth in Music Care, Rural Health and Personal Health Record, Telemedicine and Big Data in Mental Health, Telemedicine Experiences and Problems to be solved when Response to Covid-19 Pandemic, Medical Device Development of Telemedicine, Technical Updates:  Recent Activities and Challenges.

We are looking forward to seeing the great community of professionals at the ATS Annual Meeting 2020, this Nov 27-28, whether it is in-person, or online.

Best regards,
  • Mei-Ju Su, PhD.
  • Program Chair, Asia Telemedicine Symposium 2020
  • Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Yuanpei University of Medical Technology
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      Day 1: Nov 27th (Friday)
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        Keynote-Telemedicine in Asia:
      3. 1.3
        Session 1 How Medical Profession face the Pandemic Part 1
      4. 1.4
        Session 2 How Medical Profession face the Pandemic Part II
      5. 1.5
        Session 3:“Update on telemedicine in Asia”
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      Day 2: Nov 28th (Saturday)