27th Nov.
16:30~17:30 (UTC+8)
Session 5-2: Telemedicine and Big Data in Mental Health 6198423
Mental health is an important topic that needs to be paid attention to. The use of telemedicine and big data analysis for suicide prevention and diagnosis of related mental illnesses is a topic worthy of our discussion.
  1. The Benefit Analysis of Hot lines and Suicide in Taiwan. Min-Wei Huang Deputy Superintendent of Chia-Yi Branch,Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Former President,Taiwan Life Line International (TW) 
  2. Thermal Dynamic Image Sequence for Schizophrenia. Bo-Lin Jian  Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Chin-Yi University of Technology,  (TW)
  3. Development and Validation of A Web-based Suicide-related Message Identification Model for Suicide Risk Detection. Chia-Yi Wu Associate Professor, School of Nursing, National Taiwan University; Taiwanese Society of Suicidology (TW)
  4. A study of Perceived stress, Burn out and Job satisfaction of Doctors and Non-Medical staff in a Medical College of West Bengal during COVID-19 Pandemic. Dr. Arunima Chaudhuri (IN)
Moderator: Dr. Min-Wei Huang
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      Day 1: Nov 27th (Friday)
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        Keynote-Telemedicine in Asia:
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        Session 1 How Medical Profession face the Pandemic Part 1
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        Session 2 How Medical Profession face the Pandemic Part II
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        Session 3:“Update on telemedicine in Asia”
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      Day 2: Nov 28th (Saturday)